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Deepak Choudhary

MylocalDost changed my approach towards travelling. I was a typical tourist who used to find typical hotels on any other OTA, have the same food which I have it in my city, visit regular touristy sightseeing places, clicking the photos was the only delight which I used to get. BUT, with MylocalDost, I found a new way of traveling. Instead of staying in a hotel, I stayed in a local homestay and experienced the hospitality staright from the hearts of beautiful local family. I evolved my taste buds for new local cuisine, explored hidden gems of nature. Instead of photos, I took back memories this time, in the form of relationship that I build with the locals, listening to their stories, enjoying place like a local, and much more. There’s so much to a place which we travellers miss out but MylocalDost team unleashed all that to us. What a vacation it was. As they rightly say, I travelled truly like a local and that too Responsibly without messing up the place. Looking forward to more such experiences from you guys. Keep it coming. Best Wishes. Highly recommended..


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