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5 Incredible Offbeat Destinations in North India: Explore the Unexplored

India is the land of beauty, excellence, mystery, and colors. The magnificence of the land is mixed all over the country and not just at famous attractions. We all travel throughout the year to witness these famous attractions while being severely disappointed by the overcrowding in such areas.

Yes, we have all seen the dusty snow in Manali, the congested mall road in Shimla, the littered paths of the Triund trek. Now what?

Now, it’s time to ditch the cliched and choose the road less traveled to experience the hidden gems of North India. Here is the list of 5 offbeat destinations in northern India that you would love to go this summer.

1) KANATAL: Return to the Roots

Kanatal is an amusing village that gives unique leisure experiences for enthusiast travelers. At Kanatal you will find eco-friendly cottages to stay and everything there is mostly recycled or reused. This peaceful village also has some fantastic leisure experiences like hiking in the hidden Kodia Forest, homestay experiences in farmers and shepherds homes, riverside dining, and camping in the woods that helps you communicate with yourself or the one you chose to share your space with. Know more about Kanatal. 

Kanatal: Explore the Unexplored Paths

Kanatal: Experience the Early Morning Chilling Wind

Kanatal: Nature at it’s Best

2) NAG TIBBA: Traveling Back in Time. Literally

If you are tired of the chaotic city crowd and want to travel to a place where there’s no one between you and nature then this place is for you, there’s no phone networks, no electricity, no roads, only You and Nature. This authentic Village is entirely self-sustainable and runs on solar panels and there are local material made cottages to stay. Travelers are provided with solar lamps during the night inside the cottage. Overall, it’s light out experience, a night under the starlight. There is also a Garhwali kitchen staff that brings together local flavours to serve local delicacies.

Nag Tibba is a unique location that will change the way you travel. Know more about Nag Tibba. 

Nag Tibba: Spend a Night Under the Starlight

Nag Tibba: Experience the Bonfire and Some Delicious Local Food.

Nag Tibba: A Village Where There’s Just You and Nature.

3) DYARA BUGYAL: Living at the Highest Meadows

Dyara Bugyal is the perfect mountain village to travel when you think of “mountains calling.”  It is an ideal offbeat destination when all you need is the “me time.” The place has many eco cottages that give the view of the Himalayan snow peaks. And the accommodation is a mix of excellently carved four wood, stone & glass cottages, and condominiums. Dyara Bugyal is famous for the Butter festival that locals play with butter. It’s like Holi with Butter that will bring out a different festive spirit. Know more about Dyara Bugyal. 

Dyara Bugyal: Perfect Eco Cottages

Dyara Bugyal: Make Friends with Locals.

Dyara Bugyal: Enjoy the View of the Himalayan Snow Peaks.

4) MANILA: Home Away From Home

Manila is perfect if you are looking for a home away from home. This beautiful village in Uttarakhand is 6 hours away from Delhi and has an excellent mountain home to relax in the lap of nature. This place is an absolute offbeat hamlet that will take you away from your fast-paced life to give you moments to take a break from worldly pleasure and connect with natural treasure. The Mountain home at Manila gives the magnificent view of the icy Nanda Devi Peak, Trishul and Panchachuli range of the Western Himalayas. And we call it home away from home because you will get home cooked food by the local chef and he will take you to the roads less travelled, and engage you with nature at its best. Know more about Manila. 

Manila: Adventurous Jungle Walk

Manila: Magnificent View of the Icy Nanda Devi Peak

5) TIRTHAN VALLEY: Exploring the Hidden Treasures of Nature

It’s the best place to do activities that we hardly come across while traveling to the mountains. Waterfall trekking in Tirthan Valley is something that will give you the best trekking experience ever. Moreover, you can go for trout fishing. This place is also famous for the trouts cooked in local flavours by locals. Tirthan has the relaxing and the perfect riverside homestay and a tree house that is the holiday destination itself. So a dream home right in the lap of nature awaits you. Know more about Tirthan Valley. 

Tirthan Valley: Have the “Me time.”

Tirthan Valley: Experience the Tree House

Tirthan Valley: Wake up to the River

These are a few incredible offbeat places to spend your valuable time this summer. Travel more such destinations with MylocalDost and explore the unexplored.