Nature Front Homestay

Tirthan, HP
Stay Type
Eco Homestay
Rooms Count
2 rooms
Stay Accommodates
A Beautiful Home in the hills away from Home. Don't visit but belong here.

Local Dost - Stephen

My professional motto is to nurture ecosystemic development paths by re-empowering local people and reviving indigenous culture in rural areas of India. For seven years, I have been working with a tribal community in Jharkhand, India. The tribal people in the modern context have shown me the importance of social empowerment, especially with the women, for initiating viable and self-sustainable developmental actions. I have developed my own methodology for "ecodevelopment" interventions. It starts with proper understanding of the environmental, sociocultural and economic parameters. It is followed by strategic thinking and planning to perform adequate "catalyst" activities within the concerned rural indigenous community. My methodology aims at preparing the community to take up any challenges/actions for improving their living conditions, in respect of their culture and while conserving/regenerating their natural environment. Working under a pure non-profit model I had to acknowledge that the self-reliance of my program in Jharkhand could not be reached. We did excellent work, but when the project funds were over, it was difficult to carry on. Unfortunately today non-profit means reliance on donors, grants and so forth. Aware of that fact, while shifting to the state of Himachal Pradesh, I decided to develop a Social Enterprise model in order to continue working for my motto but in an environmental and economic sustainable way. I am doing it with the community living in the buffer zone of the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP). Our economic activities ? - Adventure activities (mostly treks) in and around the GHNP with the men. - Production of innovative natural products with the women. - Organizing family and adventure tours in Ladakh, Zanskar, Lahaul and Spiti. A large part of the profits of the enterprise is being used for supporting social empowerment and ecodevelopment actions.


Rooms - 2 wooden rooms

This homestay with only two double rooms available for our guests. The beds are king size and can then accommodate a child with his/her parents. A single extra bed can be arranged in the rooms. Bathrooms are attached to the bedrooms.

The house is build in stones and the interior work has been done with wood and cob. This ensures a very sane and pleasant atmosphere inside.

You have free access to the dining room, the living room, the wooden balcony and the organic garden. You can also enjoy our rich books library, our board games, our Spanish guitar and our digital piano.

We are proud to say that this homestay has no AC (not required) and no television (just watch from the window to see the living nature).

02Living Local

1.Village walks



3.Learning local cuisine

03Living Responsible

Living Responsible

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