Witnessing the Unexplored Himalayan Valley

Baga Sarahan, Kullu
Stay Type
Eco Lodge
Rooms Count
4 Rooms
Stay Accommodates
Have you ever wished to go to a place nobody knows about, something which is not on the map and completely untouched? Welcome to this No Tourist Land of Himachal.

A meadow bigger than Khajjiar – a valley surrounded by the likes of Shrikhand Mahadev, – 100 feet tall trees with balconies to accommodate 10 people – an ancient cave curtained with mesmerizing waterfall – a beautiful stream flowing through narrow channels making the way through the meadow and glittering it up – cattle grazing on the lush green grass and shepherds in traditional outfit curious witnessing visitors in their unseen valley – that’s Baga Sarahan for you.

It is a getaway in literal sense as there are no tourists, no hotels, no mall roads, no restaurants, no urban comfort, just you, an evolving explorer who is out there to create a meaningful journey for himself. All MylocalDost can do for you is get a local dost who will be there for you in your journey.

Local Dost - Hem Dewaker Dutta

Duttaji is a resident of Nirmand Village, which is the biggest village in Himachal Pradesh. Baga Sarahan was identified by him and his local friends as a traveller's paradise, courtesy to the traveller in him. He has been an expert local guide for one of the toughest Pilgrimage trek in India - Shrikhand Mahadev for many years. His guidance, knowledge and hospitality will definitely add meaning to your journey to unexplored valley of Baga Sarahan.


Rooms - 2 Cottages - 4 Rooms

Since this is an untouched place, there are n high-end dwellings for travellers. However, there are good eco-lodges and homestays that are quite comfortable and have all the basic amenities needed for travellers. The eco-lodge is a beautiful architecture from the British era and is on a cliff, overlooking the huge meadow and 100 feet tall trees, all surrounded by Shrikhand range.

2 Cottages – 4 Rooms that can easily accommodate over 10 pax. One can pitch a tent as well in the premises.


  •     Essentials
  •     Parking
  •     Hot Water
  •     Bonfire

Living Local

You can engage in the following activities to get the most out of the place and live it like a local.

Living Responsible

The following are the measures that the local dost has adopted to ensure tourism does not impact the place and boost Responsible Tourism.

What to watchout for?

1.Very nature

2.Local service

3.Advenger service

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