Living at the Highest Meadows

Raithal, Uttarkashi
Stay Type
Wooden Cabins
Mountain Top
Rooms Count
2 cottages, 2 Condos
Stay Accommodates
There's a famous saying - If you haven't lived in a mountain village, you haven't been to mountains then.

From the project manager to the farm butlers and guides – a rural women empowerment initiative,  the village cottages, Dayara Bugyal can be reached after a 6 hour drive from Dehradun, followed by a 400 metres walk.

The richest snow hub in the bouquet of The Goat villages, our happier Himalayan retreat is situated at 7000 feets, and the accommodation is a mix of beautifully carved four wood, stone & glass cottages and condominiums. The place has provision of pitching cosy tents.

Local Dost - Priyanka and team

We have a team of villagers trained in multiple dimensions of hospitality and management, agriculture and cattle rearing practices, and mountaineering from various reputed institutes. Our village managers are usually top end professionals volunteering their services as a Manager while on a self actualization or Tech-Detox sabbatical for 1 to 3 months, also doubling up as trainers for our staff and villagers around.


Rooms - 2 Eco-cottages, 1 Condominium

The stay comprises of beautifully carved 2 cozy wooden cottages, 2 condominiums for 18 people and provision of pitching occasional tents. These cottages are designed to cover the basics and provide for an excellent living experience and a stay not only brings out the adventurer in you, but also ensures that we turn you into a Garhwali food connoisseur.

The place can comfortably accommodate up to 45 people and is suitable for solo travelers, families, kids, babies, pets and different age-groups.


  •     Organic and Local Food
  •     Solar lamps
  •     Bonfire
  •     Parking Available
  •     Pony Service
  •     Hot Water

Living Local

You can engage in the following activities to get the most out of the place and live it like a local.

Gangnani Sulphur Springs – Famous for its thermal water spring, Gannani, also known as Rishikund thirh, is a perfect place for meditation, rejuvenation and treat to nature lovers. A temple dedicated to sage Parasara, father of Veda Vyas lies in Gangnani. Its 23 kms from Raithal just 50 mins ride.

Dayara Bugyal Trekking – Dayara Bugyal Peaks are listed among the few largest and well known meadows in the Garhwal Himalayas. Situated at an elevation of 3408m, Dayara Bugyal is second to none in natural beauty. This is ideal trek for long weekends, and perfect trek for beginners.

Village Raithal is known for its rich agricultural and goat belts where people are still involved in the indigenous ways of living. Get around to see more than 500-year- old houses and structures that still talk about the stories of how human civilization in the Himalayas has been like. Let us take you back to this frozen era!

Harsil – The dense lush slopes of deodar trees encapsulates the Harsil village from all sides; the clear bluish green River Gangotri makes its own way amidst the village and snow capped peaks kissing the blue sky makes the village look abode in heaven. The Village Harsil lies at an altitude of 7860 feet and is located 70 Km ahead of Uttarakashi and 23 km before Gangotri on the Uttarkashi – Gangotri Highway.

Pick your Own Food – Indulge in basic rural farming practices with your family and friends and enjoy assisted cooking of what you plough. Enjoy authentic Chulha Dinner with the locals.

The Butter Holi Festival: Dayara Bugyal hosts the unique butter festival, locally known as ‘Anduri’ sometime in the month of August or September, every year. The festival offers the visitors an opportunity to play Holi with butter, milk and ‘Chacch’ (butter milk) on the lush green high altitude meadow at around 11,000 feets in the Himalayas.

Living Responsible

The following are the measures that the local dost has adopted to ensure tourism does not impact the place and boost Responsible Tourism.

  • 100% local staff – Empowering rural lives by giving them the opportunity to host travellers and earn a living directly.

  • No road destination – To reach the cottages, you need to take a 400 meter trek. This is to ensure that the place is away from vehicular noise and pollution.

  • Green Building – Accommodation is made from locally sourced materials and represents the traditional architecture of the place. This ensures minimum impact to the environment and keeping alive the traditional architecture.

  • Solar lamp – To ensure minimum pressure on the power grid, the accommodation has no electric supply rather runs on solar energy.

  • Organic and local food – Relish the authentic cuisine which is made of fresh farm-picked ingredients to ensure healthy living.

  • Rationed use of water – Water is Gold. Hot water is supplied via buckets to ensure judicious use of water and energy in heating.

  • Waste Management – One needs to dispose plastic in the dustbins available in the premises and need to take back the waste in case of bulk plastic waste. Bio-waste is taken care by the local dost for the purpose of farming.


How To Reach:

  1. Public Transport – Overnight journey from Delhi to reach Dehradun (6 hrs). Early morning, take a shared taxi from Rispana Bridge, Dehradun to Uttarkashi (5 hrs) and then a last taxi from Uttarkashi to Village Raithal (1 hr). From Raithal, walk for 400 metres to reach the village. (450 kms – 12 hrs)
  2. Private Vehicle:
    Driving from Dehradun? Look up for the following route:
    Dehradun – Mussoorie – Suwakholi – Makhdet – Dharasu Bend – Uttarkashi Gangotri Road – Uttarkashi – Bhatwari – Raithal. Roughly 6-7 hours (181 KMs).

Weather: Clothing: April to Sept: Cottons with light woollens. Oct to March: It snows in winters – Heavy woollens

Best For: Groups planning for the famous Dayara Bugyal trek or just looking for a leisure and a detox pahadi experience in an untouched location. Families and Couples to breathe and live in such an enriching atmosphere and relishing authentic and organic food.

Responsible Tourism  Features/Tips: “Keep the place as you wish to see when you come back”

  1. For the 800 m walk, if you wish to hire a pony for yourself or to carry the luggage, please do let us know in advance. Local pony drivers charge around INR 500 per pony/mule, which could carry 100 Kg of luggage, sufficient enough for 6 people. Having these ‘no-road destinations’ is one of our commitments to help the local communities earn some easy revenues through us. However, we still advise you to carry light to walk like the Himalayan natives to reach the village.
  2. Carrying your own towels, soaps and other toiletries will help us avoid the wastage of gallons of water which goes into washing, and in minimizing the use of chemicals in the form of washing powder etc
  3. We don’t have electricity. Kitchen gets lit in the nights on solar panels and offers limited power for charging phones and other necessary equipment. Please carry a handy flash light/torch with extra batteries.
  4. You’ll be amidst wilderness while hiking or exploring around. Do carry insect-repellent ointments, oils or creams to stay protected from seasonal bugs
  5. Trekking shoes, water bottles.

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