Getting Detoxed

Kanatal, UK
Stay Type
Recycled cottages
Mountain Top
Rooms Count
6 rooms
Stay Accommodates
12 persons
You can't come this close to nature with only starlight, farm-picked food, recycled house… one with nature.

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Local Dost - Manish

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Rooms - 3 cottages

A village in recreation, above 8200 ft. has 3 locally re-done cottages on double, triple and quad accommodation and one condominium (accommodating 2 people) for budget travelers and volunteers.

The cottages with hand crafted floors and furniture are designed to cover the basics and provide for an excellent living experience and a stay not only brings out the adventurer in you, but also ensures that we turn you into a Garhwali food connoisseur. We serve local delicacies.

The place can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people and is suitable for solo travelers, families, kids, babies, pets and people with different age-groups and fitness levels.


  •     Hot Water
  •     Parking
  •     Room Heater
  •     Kitchen
  •     Natural Swimming Pool
  •     Cable TV
  •     Dryer


03Living Local

Hiking in Kodia Forest

Situated under Tehri district, Kodia Forest is 3 km from road and offers a 14 km hike deep into the realms of wild flora and fauna

Devdarshani Forest trekking & camping

A one day or night picnic and camping spot that’s not flooded by the tourists and lets you be one with the nature.

Satyun homestay & trekking

This Village Satyun is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and forests. Located 19 km away from TGV, the village and its culture – both are insulated from the rest of the world and offer a unique experience of living a countryside life. This place is also known for King’s Haveli – an old British mansion.

Trekking from The Goat Village to Khurath/Kaniyun

As you start a 7 km trek from TGV, you pass through one of the richest agricultural and goat belts in the area where people are still involved in their ancient & indigenous ways of living. Take the goats for grazing, milk them, harvest your food from these farms and cook & eat with the farmers.

04Living Responsible

Living Responsible

  •     Green building features of cottages
  •     Organic food
  •     Complete staff is local
  •     Local cuisine is offered to ensure the native culture is alive
  •     No carbon footprint as you one needs to walk and reach the place
  •     Judicious use of water
  •     Waste management is in place ensuring no littering
  •     Zero tolerance against plastic waste
  •     Cottages run on solar panels so that no pressure is put on the power grid.


To ensure no carbon footprint, the cottages have been setup at a 1 km walk down the hill from the main road so that it’s free from noise and vehicular pollution. Travelers should be ready to explore this offbeat place via 30 minutes trek. We also have mules to carry you in case you can’t trek. This property is completely self-sustainable and runs on solar panels. Travelers will be provided with solar lamps during the night inside the cottage. It’s a lights out experience but you would love the night under the starlight only.

What to watchout for?

  1. Candle light dining experience
  2. River-side dining experience
  3. Awesome local and Garhwali food
  4. Star gazing
  5. Location of the property


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